Pomi"Pohjanmaan mikro in Finland" But maker is Clevo

Brand: Clevo
Model: 1300M

Prosessor: Pentium II 266Mhz
Memory: 256MB "Manual says 128MB max but 256 works well"
Graphics adapter: S3 virge+ 4MB
Display: 13.3"TFT
Audio: ESS Maestro 2
CD-Rom: Teac 24x
PCMCIA Slot: Texas Instruments <-Apollo ethernet adapter 10MB
Hard Drive: Fujitsu 10GB "Upgraded from 4.3GB Toshiba"
Mouse: Microsoft PS/2 wheel
Digicamera: Canon Powershot G1 "USB connection"

I have tested the system first on Mandrake 8.2

- Worked great.. Booted from install CD and everything wen't
automatically. Found network adapter and internet via ADSL worked
straight! Graphics adapter works great.. Sound works great!

X-windows works great and Canon Powershot digicamera worked with Gphoto2
great! Installed frontend for X to Gphoto2 which is good!

After that I installed Mandrake 9.0
- Installion like 8.2 no problems and works great..
KDE 3.03 looks better and work faster than 2.x

- Everything works. Digicamera with Gphoto2. Sounds works. and network
adapter works

- I tested TV-out and it works with s-vhs with FN-tvbutton. "It's hardware
thing so it must work"

So everyone who own Clevo 1300M can freely install Linux without problems!